This Children's show...has a whole family appeal, especially if you are a fan of Celtic music

The Story Engages on a number of levels...
the audience showed clear delight.

The Scotsman
Edinburgh, Scotland

The play is a delight, from the funny,
Latin-quoting squirrels to the mischeivous
always-partying Phookas. It is light and
humorous, but also deep and thoughtful...

Carol Zerucha
Celtic Newsletter
Columbus, OH

Their music is a masterful blend of
Celtic instrumental background
fused with Broadway-style vocals

Gretchen Crawford
Columbus, OH

[The Druid Tree] is an imaginative plea for conservation, stewardship and respect for nature...
[The Score] is a pleasant blend of sweetly melodic folk music, Celtic rhythms and plainsong chant

The Columbus Dispatch
Columbus, OH

Photos by George Smith
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